Gary & Cheryl Seese

Hosts Gary & Cherly

Gary came to Anchorage, Alaska in August of 1964 just months after the Good Friday earthquake. Cheryl came to Anchorage May 7, 1984. Both came from the Seattle area of Washington state. Gary, his former wife Juleen and their adult kids are all "Cougars." Cheryl is a UAA "SeaWolf."

After 40 years in Anchorage Gary retired and he and Cheryl traveled a bit until deciding that Seward would be their home for the next novel in their lives! Their journey through the British Isles and in particular Ireland, inspired them to decide that owning and operating a B&B would be a great way to share their Alaska with visitors to the state. They also hope their Alaskan neighbors, who just as they did for many, many years take the scenic drive to beautiful Seward for some time of refreshment, will come and stay too. The Seward highway (1 & 9 South) is listed as one of America's 14 most scenic highways.

Cheryl caught a 125lb halibut in 2000 and Jay helped to reel it in for her! We had some great "Halibut Olympia" Cheryl style. From Amy's catch we enjoyed beer battered halibut and from Guy's catch we had lightly buttered & sautéed Rock Fish. Gary and Jay caught some pretty serious sized king salmon from the famous Kenai River in 2004. Jay's catch was a "lucky" fish which weighed 65-70 pounds & took about 45 minutes to land and on that day was in the "catch and release class."

The "Great One" of Alaska (Denali Mountain as originally named by the Athabaskan natives of Alaska) represents the magnificent beauty and grand scale unique to the Northern most state of America. Mt. McKinley stands 20,320+ feet proud. Gary and Cheryl have been blessed to see her salute her Creator on many occasions. Whether you stay at "Alaska's Otter House B&B" or not we hope that your visit to the "Greatland" will be one of the most favored and fondly remembered vacations of your life.

Mt. McKinley